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Papers we have written/recently involved in:

GEER Ridgecrest Earthquake Sequence
Fallon FORGE
West Flank FORGE
Hawthorne Deep Direct Use
Updated Shallow Temperature Survey and Resource Evolution for the Coso Geothermal Field

Current Projects:

Ridgecrest Earthquake Response

-Continued assessment of fault rupture on North and South Naval Air Station China Lake


-Shallow Temperature Survey
-Microgravity Survey
-Microseismic Analysis and Interpretation


-Microseismic Analysis and Interpretation
-Fallon FORGE Well 21-31 Analysis and Interpretation


-Deep Direct Use Feasibility Analysis

Current Crew:

Andrew Sabin - Subject Matter Expert

Dr. Andrew Sabin is NAVFAC’s geothermal Subject Matter Expert (SME) and a Senior Geologist at GPO. He develops, assists with
and provides technical oversight to GPO projects. He is also the lead in pursuing new projects especially in R&D and exploration.
He has also conducted exploration and R&D projects in the Coso Range associated with the Coso geothermal field. Andy was the Deputy
Director and Director of GPO until moving into his current SME role. He has >25 years of experience in geothermal and hydrothermal
systems, mining, geotechnical and environmental work. His geothermal focus has been the western United States, although he has also
investigated geothermal potential in Asia, South America and Africa. Andy serves on the International Geothermal Board of Directors
and the Geothermal Resources Council (GRC) Board of Directors. He is currently the President of GRC (2019-2020). Andy received a BA
(American Studies) and BS (Geology) from the U. Maryland, an MSC (Geology) from the U. Pittsburgh and a PhD (Geology) from the Colorado
School of Mines. He is registered Professional Geologist in California (license # 7930).

Kelly Blake - Division Director

Ms. Kelly Blake is the new Division Director for the Navy Geothermal Program Office (GPO), PW68, NAVFAC EXWC, and has been working for
the office for 8 years. She has spent her time collecting, managing, analyzing and interpreting geologic and geophysical data sets from
the Coso Geothermal Field and other Department of Defense installations with geothermal potential. In her new role, she is managing GPO
personnel on daily/weekly tasks/training, as well as managing the ~$2 million budget that includes technical and financial oversight of
the Coso field. Kelly has an Environmental Geoscience degree from Slippery Rock University and a Master’s degree in Geology from Temple
University of Philadelphia.

Saundra Anderson - Business Manager

Ms. Saundra Anderson is the Business Manager for the Navy Geothermal Program Office (GPO), PW68, NAVFAC EXWC, and has been working
with the office for 18 years. She supports the GPO primarily with budget planning and execution, geothermal energy sales tracking and
contract implementation. Prior to joining the Navy GPO, Saundra was a Sr. Accountant for CalEnergy Coso project, Salton Sea and Yuma Co-Gen.
Saundra has her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business Administration, Accounting from California State University at Fullerton.

Andrew Tiedeman - Geologist

Mr. Andrew Tiedeman is a Geologist for the Navy Geothermal Program Office (GPO), PW68, NAVFAC EXWC, and has been working
for the office for 10 years. He supports the GPO as the drilling project manager, providing Geoexchange analysis, and
assists with the Fallon EGS project. Prior to his work at GPO, he worked for UNAVCO, Inc. as a Strainmeter Field Engineer
for the EarthScope and National Science Foundation project. Andrew holds a Bachelor of Science in Geology from Central
Washington University with a semester abroad at Queensland University of Technology in Australia and a Master of Business
Administration from the University of Nevada Reno.

Vacant - Geologic Engineer

Wei-Chuang Huang - Seismologist

Dr. Wei-Chuang Huang is a Seismologist for the Navy Geothermal Program Office (GPO), PW68, NAVFAC EXWC and has been working
with the office for 12 years. He manages, operates and maintains the seismic network in the Coso geothermal field near Ridgecrest,
CA, which records up to one thousand micro earthquakes (MEQ) monthly. Wei-Chuang earned a PH.D degree from Northwestern University
with interdisciplinary background. Wei-Chuang coauthored articles with his former clients/associates in an EPA research lab, where
he worked as a senior water quality modeler before he joined the Navy civilian force.

Stephanie Nale - Geophysicist Intern

Ms. Stephanie Nale is a Geophysicist Intern through the Naval Acquisitions Development Program (NADP),
and has been with the Navy Geothermal Program Office (GPO), PW68, NAVFAC EXWC since December 2018. She supports
the GPO by analyzing and interpreting microseismic data, maintaining the Coso microseismic network, and conducting
other geophysical fieldwork in the Coso volcanic field. Stephanie holds a Bachelor of Science in Planetary Sciences
from University of California, Santa Cruz and a Master of Science with a concentration in Geotectonics, Seismology
and Structural Geology from Cornell University.

Currently searching for a Geoscientist/Engineer interested in geothermal systems.
Please send resumes and a brief introduction to

GPO in the Field

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Elevation Survey at Coso to help us understand subsidence at the geothermal field.
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GPO intern Stephanie Nale standing next to a normal and right lateral offset of the 7.1 rupture within Naval Air Station China Lake on July 5, 2019.
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F-18 with the Coso Geothermal Field discovery Well
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Odin Tiedeman with a drill rig at the Naval Air Station Fallon geothermal prospect.