The NAVFAC EXWC PW68 Geothermal Program Office (GPO) aims to provide value to the DoD by supporting, and improving, the mission as it relates to geothermal resources, geological and geophysical expertise, drilling, and other related applications. This program has proven experience in identifying geothermal resources, performing exploration, and managing resources. The program has developed relationships within industry, while also mitigating risk of working within DoD installations.Perhaps more importantly, is the program’s role in the management and oversight of the Navy’s Coso Geothermal Field; a high-value asset that provides funding to multiple Navy programs & projects. This funding is made possible through the sale of electricity from the geothermal field that has been operating for 30+ years. As of 2019, 50% of the funding has been offered to NAWS China Lake where the Coso Geothermal Field is located. The programs and projects funded are all related to energy, renewable energy, and/or water security initiatives. We succeed and accomplish our goals by utilizing mutually beneficial relationships, attentiveness to our customer’s & stakeholder’s energy needs, being flexible, and providing innovative ideas, solutions, and education to a broad audience.


    Explore for, identify, develop and manage geothermal and geothermal hybrid resources on DoD installations and DoD-managed land.


    Energy independent, resilient and reliable carbon neutral DoD installations.


  • Integrity – We will always seek the highest levels of scientific integrity in our work and the most professional behaviors in all work-related relationships. All technical/scientific decisions will always be defensible.
  • Competence – We expect the highest levels of ability and performance regarding geothermal systems and GPO business among all employees.
  • Transparency – Results of our work will be available to all, inside and out of the government in the pursuit of elevating the scientific understanding of geothermal systems.
  • Innovation – Geothermal is an evolving, high-risk industry. We will strive to perform our mission and be leaders in our industry by not only applying accepted geothermal development and exploration SOPs but we will always strive to push those boundaries and explore new techniques as appropriate.
  • Stewardship – As federal employees working on federal lands, we feel obligated to rigorously pursue our mission while being careful stewards of all resources within our purview.


    Within the approximate 32 million acres of DoD-managed land within the United States, geothermal potential primarily exists within the western U.S. based on previous geological research. Geothermal potential OCONUS has been identified at CLDJ, Djibouti, Guam, Japan, Naples, Hawaii, and Alaska.


  • Proactive in sustaining and growing Coso production
  • Identify direct-use, geo-exchange, and hybrid opportunities within DoD
  • Oversee development of geothermal opportunities
  • Support and align with the NAVFAC mission and warfighter through the Strategic Design 2.0
  • Be innovative in obtaining a healthy budget
  • Establish GPO as the DoD’s go-to entity for identification and development of geothermal systems world-wide
  • Build mutually beneficial relationships within the DoD, agencies, and its leadership


  • Short Term:
    • Continue stabilization of net power at Coso
    • Collaborative relationships to address and improve operating efficiencies
    • Decrease cost, and inform exploration programs
  • Long Term:
    • Sustain the Coso reservoir
    • Continuous learning and improved knowledge of the geologic setting at Coso
    • Leverage Coso and GPO expertise to further R&D in energy, water, fuel, and the environment


  • Short Term:
    • Develop portfolio of backlog work on DoD land
    • Improve conceptual models through greenfields exploration and drilling
  • Long Term:
    • Implement successful EGS
    • Oversee award of P/PV development contracts
    • Oversee development of power production systems
    • Generate OCONUS opportunities


    • Develop, maintain and grow a skilled workforce that nurtures its current culture
    • Continue proactive interaction with colleagues in and outside the DoD
    • Promote continued education and training to stay in front of geothermal trends
    • Hire qualified individuals to fill outstanding positions
    • Integrated functional communication and teleworking to leverage skill sets
    • Maintain NAS Fallon office to fully and cost-effectively focus on Nevada prospects and industry


      Strategically utilize the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of the GPO to better understand itself as well as position itself within the DoD and geothermal industry. Enabling the GPO to effectively plan for the future and align itself with its mission, vision, values, and culture.


    • Grow, react, and adapt in order to meet Navy and DoD demands as it relates to utility-grade, direct use, hybrid and EGS technologies.
    • Target low enthalpy < 5 MWe systems
    • Continued evolution of the GPO’s capabilities and competencies to effectively realize lower costs to rapidly establish geothermal solutions world-wide.
    • Effective and efficient communication and planning with the support of NAVFAC’s geothermal SME and GPO leadership in Port Hueneme, CA and HQ in Washington D.C. to help build energy resiliency for the U.S. CONUS and OCONUS.

GPO in the Field

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Elevation Survey at Coso to help us understand subsidence at the geothermal field.
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GPO intern Stephanie Nale standing next to a normal and right lateral offset of the 7.1 rupture within Naval Air Station China Lake on July 5, 2019.
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F-18 with the Coso Geothermal Field discovery Well
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Odin Tiedeman with a drill rig at the Naval Air Station Fallon geothermal prospect.